How to know how long your Google Photos storage will last before it fills up

Yesterday we learned that Google will end the unlimited backup program of Google Photos in June 2021, which means that the backups -whether in original quality or not- will be deducted from the shared storage spaceEither the free 15GB or a Google One storage plan.

Google promised us that it would launch new tools to help manage storage before the deadline, although some unknowns remained in the air, such as how much space your entire Google Photos library occupies today. The first tool in this regard is ready and, although it is quite simple, at least it gives you an idea of how long will your Google storage space last?, according to the company's calculations.

How long will your Google storage last?

On the same page where Google explains the policy change in summary mode, it was already included the estimate about how much your current storage plan should give of itself, although without too much detail and without making it clear how the calculation has been done.

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The same data is available at, which shows a graph of the current use of Google storage, separating the percentage used by Google Photos and that of Google Drive and Gmail. More important is the data shown in the text above, indicating how long do you have storage, before it fills up if you continue at the same pace as before.

The data is a bit confusing, especially when compared to the graph, because today - and until June 21, 2021, photos saved at high quality do not count in storage. Fortunately, the Product Lead of Google Photos has clarified how the calculation is done, On twitter.

The time calculation is based on the quota you have today and the history of the backup at high quality from Google Photos. In other words, the tool takes into account how much the photos and videos that you normally upload to backup occupy and calculates how long the available space on the shared storage will last if you keep the same pace. For example, if you have 1 GB left and you upload 100 MB every day, it should last you ten days.

That is, it does not mean that when that period passes (for example, a year) you should start paying, but it is a calculation today of how long it would take to fill the space. Please note that Google will start counting only the new photos you upload as of June 21, 2021, and not everything that was already there from before, as long as it is in high quality. There are no changes to the original quality, as it was always discounted from the storage space.

Via | Android Police