How to easily find takeaway and delivery places

Finding restaurants with takeaway or delivery food on Google Maps is much easier than you think.

Google Maps has become an essential ally for discover new places of leisure, restaurants to eat or places to visit. Of course, due to the situation that the world has been going through for several months now, Google Maps has become an essential tool when it comes to order food delivery.

And it is that although not everyone knows it, it is possible find takeaway and food delivery places on Google Maps, and using this useful tool is much easier than you think.

Food delivery on Google Maps

You can use Google Maps to find places with food delivery.

How to filter Google Maps by takeaway or delivery places

If what you want is find restaurants and bars around you that offer the service of take away food or home delivery, all you need to do is open Google Maps and follow these steps:

  1. On the main page of the application, slide your finger to the left at the top, where the cards "Home", "Restaurants", "Gas stations" and other categories of places appear, until you reach the card called "More" .
  2. Once inside the categories menu, go to the "Eat and Drink" section.
  3. There, select the option "Take out" or "At home" depending on what you are looking for at that time.

In this way, you will see a list around you with all restaurants that offer food delivery or take-out services based on what you have chosen.

How to filter by price, reviews, distance and more

By default, Google Maps will show you the list of food delivery or take away places in order according to relevance based on the scores of other users and other aspects. However, you can also choose the filters yourself.

Thus, you can make the cheaper places to eat, or that Google Maps show you Chinese, Japanese, American or any other type of food according to your preferences at that specific moment.

For filter the results and better choose the places to eat recommended by Google Maps, these are the steps you should follow:

  1. When you've chosen the category (take out or home), you'll see a list of results. Tap on one of the options at the top to be able to choose the filters.
  2. If you want the cheapest places to appear first, tap on the "Price" tab and select the desired option (the higher the number of euro or dollar symbols, the higher the average price).
  3. Choose the rest of the filters you want to choose, and tap on "Done" in each of them to apply the filters.

When you're done, the restaurants ordered based on selected filters. Now, you can enjoy your food at home or to go thanks to Google Maps.