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How to activate the useful new automatic tab grouping in Google Chrome

The tab grouping with colored labels arrived in the Google browser with Chrome 83, although it is a function that has probably gone a bit unnoticed because you will not find it unless you are looking for it.

However, with Chrome 87 landing almost a couple of weeks ago, Google introduced the automatic tab grouping when we open multiple links from the same domain, something that is not only useful and practical, but also puts forward the new function to group tabs in a much more obvious way.

How to enable automatic tab grouping

Unfortunately the function is not active by default and for now it is behind a flag, that is, it is an experimental function. Enabling it is very easy, and after you do it you may not want to go back:

Chrome Automatic Eyelash Grouping

  • Open Chrome, type chrome: // flags in the URL bar and hit Enter

  • Type "Tab Groups" in the search box to find the function

  • Change the option "Tab Groups Auto Create" to Enable in the drop-down menu on the right

  • Restart Chrome.

How to activate the new quick actions of Google Chrome to perform operations from the URL bar

With this feature active, from now on, when you open multiple links from the same domain, Chrome will automatically group them together. You will notice it because the tabs will be highlighted with the same color and a circle of that same color will be added to the "mother" tab.

Google Chrome Tabs Groups

Tab groups in Chrome

Can you do click on the circle to expand or contract the groups of tabs, and you can right click on it to change the color of the group, close all the tabs of the group, undo the grouping, move the group to a new window, or add a tab to the group manually.

If you are someone who works with many tabs at the same time this is a very good option to better organize chaosIn addition, it saves us having to install additional extensions that alleviate a little the annoyance of seeing smaller and smaller eyelashes when we have too many open.