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How to activate the new quick actions of Google Chrome to perform operations from the URL bar

Google Chrome 87 it was released a week ago promising more speed, better performance, tab finder, and compatibility with Apple's new M1 chip Macs. However, another of the quieter functions that came with the new version of Chrome, it is not activated by default.

The Quick Actions or Chrome Quick Actions They are a series of simple commands that we can enter directly into the Omnibox or address bar to quickly execute various operations, such as clearing the browsing history or updating the browser.

How to activate Quick Actions in Chrome

Quick Actions Chrome

Quick actions are enabled in Chrome 87 but not by default, to activate them you need to go to the Chrome experiments and enable the flags. For this write chrome: // flags In the URL bar, and in the flags search, write "omnibox suggestion" to find the two functions we need to activate faster:

  • Omnibox suggestion button row

  • Omnibox Pedal Suggestions

Change the status of both functions from "Disable" to "Enable" or "Enabled", and restart Chrome. Once this is done, you can start using quick actions.

Google Chrome Quick Actions

Examples of Chrome Quick Actions

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The list of commands you can use They include things like clearing your browsing history, clearing cookies, updating Chrome, opening an incognito tab, managing passwords, translating a page, or managing payment methods.

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