How much does Samsung earn with mobiles? His distance with Apple is shortened

Samsung continues with its good news these final months of 2020.

With the passage of the months of this 2020 we are seeing how companies are gradually recovering from the hard start of the year. If a few days ago it was Xiaomi who celebrated its great figures for the third quarter, today it was the turn to Samsung.

The Korean giant continues with her good work and seems to be finishing the course in an outstanding way. A few weeks ago it was confirmed that he had a greater market share in the USA than Apple and also more sales volume than Xiaomi in India, and now there are reports that Samsung has reached a profit record as far as the sale of smartphones is concerned.

Eating the apple is "a little" closer

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 folded in half

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 folded in half

According to a report by Strategy Analytics, Samsung has reduced the profit it makes from each phone it sells compared to Apple. Thus, the Gain percentage of Samsung smartphones has risen to 32.6% during the third quarter of 2020, assuming this a spectacular 18.8% increase taking as reference the same period of 2019.

These figures return Samsung almost at the same level as its best numbers experienced in 2014, when it obtained a margin of 37.9% for each telephone.

However, although the news for Samsung is great, these margins are still far from what Apple achieves. The Cupertino firm continues to be, without discussion, the most profitable company in the world with a profit of 60.5% per terminal, although it has suffered a decline of 6.4% compared to the same dates last year.

From this we can conclude that Apple's operating margin was reduced with the launch of the iPhone 12 and, instead, that of Samsung has grown with the latest launches.

In global terms, the percentage of global revenue that represent smartphones for Samsung is 22.6% while for Apple it amounts to 29.5%.