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Honor is no longer from Huawei, how does it affect you as a user?

Are you a user of any of the attractive mobiles that Honor has sold in Europe and Latin America? This is how the change after the sale of the company affects you.

According to Huawei itself, the sale of Honor was only a "Anticipated rumor" that finally became official yesterday, with almost very little time to digest that the signature spin-off of the Chinese giant is now owned by Zhixin New Information Technology Co. Ltd., a consortium made up of 30 Chinese distribution agents and the Shenzhen government itself, the cradle and base of operations of both Huawei and Honor itself and the city considered the Silicon Valley Chinese.

The operation was already well advanced looking to prevent Honor from being dragged down by Huawei problems with the Trump administration, and although in recent days the United States has loosened the yoke on Huawei, the truth is that seems like a win-win sale that has finally become effective.

Honor is already an independent firm, after all of its assets, its approximately 7,000 employees, its research and development departments, as well as its supply chain management and some top Huawei executives have been transferred to Zhixin New Information Technology Co. Ltd. for an amount greater than 15,000 million dollars, a figure that gives access to the latter to everything you need to operate with an already international manufacturer and a renowned brand, which now begins a new path that has left many users concerned ...

And how does this change affect you if you have an Honor mobile? Well, we are going to try to explain it to you, although the main idea is that for you things do not change too much because Honor will continue to operate as always, at least while the transfer of the company is completed and its new roadmap is written.

Honor 10 Lite logo

If you have an Honor in your pocket, don't worry because you have nothing to worry about.

Some of the details were told by GizChina, others are public and are reflected in the agreement itself, but all the information agrees with the idea that Honor's operations are kept completely stable at least for now, offering both the same after-sales support in the part of the software as well as the technical service of hardware with spare parts and components even of Huawei origin.

The users, you, will not feel any change when using your Honor devices, and that is all accounts will continue to function smoothly and Magic UI will continue to receive its update support in the usual way.

Obviously this period of transition and synergies between both companies is confirmed, and it is that Honor sources recognize that "It is not easy to separate from Huawei" although the giant no longer count on actions in the new Honor to avoid any suspicions, thus granting the letter of total freedom to its youngest and most carefree manufacturer.

Shenzhen, Huawei's home base

Shenzhen, the birthplace of Huawei, leads the consortium that has stayed with Honor. (Image | MuyComputer)

Will the next Honor phones come with Google services?

Well, to say so now would be pretentious, although certainly and taking into account the trajectory of a manufacturer presented in 2013 and aimed especially at the younger audience, without the ties of an industry giant and saving on the staging with exclusive online sales, I have no doubt that this will be one of the great objectives.

In fact, as we commented from now on Huawei no longer has shares in the new Honor, avoiding any apparent link at a stroke, and this will surely give freedom to Zhixin New Information Technology Co. Ltd. for negotiate with Google and other providers both Google Play certifications and access to the latest technology and components.

This of course deprives Honor of Huawei's potential and its enormous technological and manufacturing capacity, but in return, it effectively opens the possibility that the new Honor phones will arrive with Google certification and they can use both Android without limitations and Google services.

Honor 30

This is the Honor 30, now officially the last series of Honor phones under the Huawei umbrella.

I have an Honor mobile, do I have to do something?

In this case The short answer is no, and with that I suppose that we leave you very calm about it. Honor will continue to operate, both for its current devices and users and for the new mobiles that launch from now on, without any problem or limitation.

The supply chain and after-sales support is assured, the Magic UI updates as well, although it is not reported what will happen from now on with the company's next launches.

In fact, it is worth mentioning that Honor herself reports that the current devices in the catalog will maintain the support as we know it and they will be able to enjoy all the services as before, but the new products already will receive support through the new support systems owners of the new Honor.

There are some unknownsObviously, but surely we will solve them in the coming weeks and in the coming months while we wait for the first Honor movements under the Shenzhen Zhixin umbrella. For now, the best thing is that you will have zero worries, because your Honor phones continue to be at the forefront of the game.

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