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hearts come to Google Discover

A new test comes to one of the most used Google services on Android smartphones: Discover. The news section, which is incorporated into the company's app, has just included the option to give 'like' to the articles that interest each user. And the number of total hearts is displayed as a counter.

Google is adding small tweaks of renewal to its applications on an ongoing basis, often without being noticed by everyone who uses its services and apps. Assistant releases new functions continuously, also apps such as the Play Store or the news section, known as Google Discover. It is very useful for discover attractive and recent information. And Google has improved the way it receives feedback from users by including a new 'Like' button.

Do you like the news? Like Discover

Google Discover Hearts

The new Google Discover interface does not change with respect to the previous one except for a tiny button under each news item. And it is perfectly recognizable, especially for anyone who is used to social networks: it's a little heart. Pressing it tells Google that the news is interesting for the user, so it will take the 'Like' into consideration for the next news that Discover recommends.

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In addition to serving to improve recommendations, the new Like button allows you to offer potential readers a demo of how interesting is the news. Google Discover will reflect in the feed the number of times the heart has been clicked. This will have a couple of implications that, surely, are what Google is looking for:

  • It will be much easier for users identify what is of most interest of all the news that appears in your Google feed.

  • The pages that appear in Discover will receive more traffic the greater the number of the heart counter.

The change is already active for a good number of users: just access Google Discover (left side of the desktops) to start giving hearts to all the news that deserves it. The counter will reflect the number of 'Likes' as it is extended to a greater number of users.

Via | Android Police