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Google will allow to deactivate the intelligent functions of Gmail with a new setting

Google just announce settings for Gmail. Google's email service will allow emails to be used or not used for smart functions, which are shared with both Gmail and Meet and Chat.

Thus, we can activate and deactivate the smart functions of Gmail at will, although the route to perform this function has not yet been provided.

Google improves the privacy of its smart features


Google has announced that new controls are coming to enable or disable the smart functions of Gmail, Chat and Meet at will. These smart features use our data, so we may want to disable them. Specifically, these are the functions we are referring to:

  • Filtering and automatic categorization of emails.

  • Suggested texts (smart compose) in emails.

  • Summary cards for purchases, travel reservations and package tracking.

  • Create calendar events using date data and other details from emails.

  • Google Assistant reminders about your tickets and bills.

  • Restaurant reservations displayed on Google Maps.

  • Travel itineraries with information from your emails.

  • Auto-detection of loyalty cards and tickets in Google Pay

How to create filters in Gmail

As you can see, Google uses the information in Gmail emails to add functions in other apps, for example when you get a plane ticket and a calendar event is directly created with your trip in Google Calendar. With the new function, we can deactivate these functions, losing along the way these extras that can be generated by other apps with your Gmail information.

Currently some of these functions can be turned off, individually, in each of the apps, but with this new setting, which Google promises will arrive "in the coming weeks", everything is quite simplified.

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