this is how the procedure is carried out

Google wants you to train its algorithms for Photos and Street View for free

Perhaps you have ever dreamed of working for Google. With this you are a little closer, although we already anticipate that you will not charge for it.

Google has asked for help to its users to improve two of its most popular tools of recent times, Google Photos, and, with some more years behind it, Google Street View.

In the case of Google Photos, which we have recently learned about preparing to add paid features, Google wants its users to help it offer more accurate photo tagging.

To do this, he proposes that be the users themselves who tag their photos indicating the content (for example "chair") so that, over time, your algorithm learns to identify these objects and can do so automatically.

The tool will make the request very subtle by means of a banner at the bottom that reads "Help Improve Google Photos" (helps improve Google Photos).

If we accept the friendly request, the app will show us images from our gallery and a text box in which we will have to specify those labels that we consider describe the image.

improve google photos

This is how Google will ask us for help with photo tagging. Via Android Police.

In addition to tagging, Google will suggest that we help you improve Google Photos through surveys which will include questions such as "Do you like this version of the photo for printing?" or if a specific photo belongs to a special event.

Of course, these actions are totally voluntary, the decision of help or not to Google is yours.

Google Maps also wants to count on you

driving mode google maps

This is what the new Google Maps driving mode looks like.

In the case of Google Maps, Google seeks to go one step further and provide the user more accurate information on Google Street View, or directly add corners of cities or roads that are not yet available in the application.

But, as you can imagine if you have come this far, the American giant needs to of your help.

How could someone like you help the almighty Google improve its Street View? Very easy: uploading images or videos to a platform of places that do not have this option enabled on the map. This will be possible through the new feature “Driving Mode” that a Reddit user has discovered and that will allow you to easily upload your own view of the street directly with your smartphone.

The same tool will be in charge of blur faces and license plates that may appear in the images. To put it another way, you can become Google's car that circulates through the streets with a 360-degree camera, but it will be much cheaper.

This procedure is quite reminiscent of Niantic's with the Pokémon GO AR Mapping missions, although its purpose is very different (Some users of the game have linked the disappearance of stalls or gyms to Niantic's analysis of the images that were uploaded to complete these missions).

Why does someone like Google need our help

google and you

You can already work for Google, but still not as you expected.

Machine learning doesn't take a day or two: the engineers who develop it need a huge amount of properly labeled data to get it up and running successfully.

Google would have the ability to develop correct labeling and probably hundreds of other things, but this requires a reasonable amount of time that would be drastically reduced if suddenly millions of hands start working for him.

Of course, making use of these tools and lending a hand to Google is your decision and the company has not announced any kind of reward for spending your precious time on this.