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Google prepares a function that reminds you not to look at your mobile while you walk

Google will notify you the next time you use your mobile on the street so that you pay more attention to what is happening around you.

The next time you are using your mobile on the street, you may Google show you a notice so that you pay more attention to what is happening around you than to your mobile.

At least that's what all the tracks collected by XDA seem to point to, where they explain that Google is going to implement a new function called "Heads Up", which will serve to alert people who are using the mobile while walking.

Mobile in hand

A person carrying the mobile in his hand down the street.

This is how Digital Wellbeing's Heads Up feature will work

This function will be included as part of the set of Google's digital well-being tools, within the “Reduce Interruptions” section.

With it activated, Google will give us the possibility to receive notifications that will remind us of the danger of looking at the mobile when we walk. The notification will encourage us to look around us and use our mobile with caution.