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Google Photos will have exclusive functions for Google One members, according to the code of its APK

Google has its own tool for editing and enhancing photos built into Android: Google Photos. On the one hand it is a method to have our images always at hand in the cloud, but also an editor that is increasingly complete thanks to the various improvements that it has been gaining. News such as those revealed by the analysis of the latest APK.

And it seems that the Google tool prepares a series of utilities that will arrive soon for a certain group of users. This is what emerges from the analysis of the APK that shows that not everyone will be able to access these improvements: these may be accessible only to those subscribers of a Google One payment plan.

Improvements but only for premium users

Google Photos

Indications that came to light back in March, when the analysis of version 4.45 of the APK of Google Photos revealed exclusive features for Google One users, something that, as they have in XDA Developers, is confirmed when analyzing the code of the current version 5.18.

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And if in March, there was no news of what improvements could be exclusive, the most recent version of Photos seems to end the mystery. Appear various messages inviting the user to switch to using a subscription system in Google One. These are the messages that the code reveals:

  • "As a member of Google One, you have access to additional editing features"

  • "Get additional editing features with a Google One membership"

  • "Unlock this feature and more with a Google One membership"

  • "Unlock more storage and editing features with a Google One membership."


Along with the notice about the existence of exclusive functions for users of a Google One paid plan, there are three types of image processing: Dynamic, HDR and Vivid.

Code 2

It is unclear if these improvements will benefit only subscribers to a Google One storage plan. Additionally, analysis of the apk reveals new filters (Afterglow, Airy, Ember, Luminous, Radiant and Stormy) for the improvement of the sky that appears in the photos, filters until now unknown.

Code 3

The truth is that this possibility is reminiscent of the MIUI tool that allows change and modify the sky of the photos, something that Adobe has also introduced in the 2021 version of its popular Photoshop photographic suite.

It remains to be seen if these improvements finally end up arriving selectively and when they are enabled in an upcoming Google Photos update.

Via | XDA Developers