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Google opens Play Store voting

Like every year, Google has started the process to choose the best applications from the Play Store. This rewards developers while releasing worthwhile apps and games. And the best thing is that users also participate in the process: the voting period is already underway.

Applications are constantly published on Google Play, every week there are hundreds of newly created applications throughout the world. Yes, only a handful of software is of sufficient quality to be recommended, is what we usually do in Xataka Android: we pay attention to the premieres in order to highlight what is worthwhile. And there's another way to access the best Android apps: Google's in-store rankings. And we already have the 'Best of Google Play'.

Choose the best apps and games of 2020

Best Apps 2020 Google Play

Voting pages are now active in the Google Play Store, both those dedicated to apps and games (the app may not appear to you yet, it is currently expanding). Google has chosen 10 candidates for each type of application: from them will come the game and the most voted app of 2020. Subsequently, Google will publish the best in the different categories.

The best Android apps of 2020 ... so far

Let's start with the candidates for best app of 2020. You can vote for the following:

And it is the turn of the best games of 2020, this is the list of candidates:

And now it only remains to know the pages where you can vote: here you have the choice of the best apps and this link leads to the vote for the best games. You have until November 23 to choose your favorites. And if you want to see the best of 2019 you can access the 'Best of' of that year in this link to Google Play. The 2020 winners will be announced on December 1.

Via | Android Police