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Google Duo adds a special filter with which you can try on L'Oreal makeup

This fun filter will always make you ready for any video call.

Video calling has become a['companionindailybattlesformanyofusThequarantinehasbroughtouthowusefulthiscommunicationmodelandcompaniesseek[‘compañerodebatallasdiariasparamuchosdenosotrosLacuarentenahasacadoarelucirloútilqueestemodelocomunicativoylascompañíasbuscanconstant innovations to improve the user experience. With the increase in its use, the concern about looking good has also come and, if you are a makeup lover, there is something that you will like.

In this sense, the latest innovation crazy comes to us from Google and L'Oreal because, thanks to a new filter, our appearance in video calls will have a touch much more glamorous.

Virtual lipstick to show off all your glamor

video call

Being prepared and wearing a glamorous look is a bit easier with this Google Duo makeup filter.

Filters have been one of the most prominent aspects of Google Duo and also one of those that provide differential value. With the personalization proposal of Google and L'Oreal, you will see yourself on the screen with the latest makeup thanks to augmented reality.

It was Google's own official Twitter account that confirmed the fun agreement between both companies. With the new filter you can add lipstick automatically and sporting a truly elegant look without actually going to the trouble.

The only thing that is not known is how long this functionality will be available, so if you want to try it, do it as soon as possible. Who knows, maybe you have your favorite lipstick color there and you didn't know it!