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Google Drive prepares to handle encrypted files and raise the level of security

Slowly but surely, security is taking positions of importance in services and applications. We are increasingly concerned about it, and although Europe is now threatening to eliminate end-to-end encryption from many services, more and more are raising their levels of data protection by introducing this same type of encryption or other similar ones.

Based on the Google Drive app code, it seems that Google plans to take a step in this direction. Allow your cloud storage service to be able not only to manage but supposedly also to open and create encrypted files. What is unknown for now is what process will be carried out and if it will be supported on all devices.

Future encryption detected in one of your apps


They tell from XDA Developers, the well-known Android developer forum, that the code that reveals the next arrival of encryption to Drive files has appeared in version 2.20.441.06.40 of the Google Drive app for Android. Something that suggests that Google already performs tests to support this type of encrypted files but that throws even more unknowns on the table.

Encrypt: what it is, what it is for and how to encrypt your files

It is unknown when this code will be implemented so that the handling of encrypted files is effective but also all its "fringes". For example, we do not know if we will have to download the files so that the application can decrypt it or if the decryption will take place in the same Google cloud, or if it will be limited to mobile apps only and will be out of the management through the browser.

What we do know is that the advent of encrypted file management will raise the security level of Google Drive and it will allow you to be more competitive with respect to other competition services. We will also see if this functionality is finally for everyone or is limited to users after the Google One payment plans. We will have to wait.

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