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Google details all the news of the new Google Fit in Wear OS

A week ago Google announced a new update for Google Fit and its application for WearOS. With this came a great renovation, although they had not detailed in depth all the news that came to the interface of watches.

A Google employee has taken it upon themselves to share on the support page the main features and news that come with this update.

The news coming to WearOS with Google Fit

First of all, Google emphasizes that the interface has been completely revamped. Workouts can be followed as before, but the interface shown by the clock is now much cleaner and more complete.

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During workouts We can see metrics and control the interface through gestures. The main interface shows the kilometers, the average and the time we have been, being able to switch to interfaces that show heart rate and calories, as well as a complete panel that has integrated music controls.

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Remain the alerts per kilometer, although with a renewed interface as well. One of the new relevant changes is that we can now customize the metrics area. The central part, which shows calories, can also show the time and health points.

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Similarly, now we can set default goals for all parameters, like calories, distances, health points and so on. The clock will warn us when we get to any of them in one of our trainings.


With the new update it is also possible to change more quickly to screen lock, to avoid accidental touches with the rubbing of the watch. It will be enough to press a button during training to lock the panel and we cannot press it other than to unlock.


Finally they emphasize the new system of breathing recommendations. With this, we can have our own breathing assistant for relaxation, a system similar to what Apple already has in its Watch, but something more advanced.

These changes will arrive over the next few days, so make sure your app is up to date.

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