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Google certifies some Galaxy phones and tablets for companies

Samsung has recently fixed one of its shortcomings when it comes to Android: although its devices are perfectly suitable for companies, The Samsung Galaxy were not yet part of the Android Enterprise project. With the new agreement, some smartphones and tablets with Android 11 will be officially certified for business use.

Android has a huge number of open fronts, both in the form of system modifications and adaptations to very specific environments. Precisely, Google wanted to remove the sanbenito from Android of being unprofessional creating a category of certified products especially for companies: the so-called Android Enterprise. Manufacturers that collaborate with Google have been enrolling some of their smartphones in the program, but there was a notable absence: Samsung. That absence has already been covered.

Some Samsung Galaxy with Android 11 enter the Enterprise program

Android Enterprise Recommended

Google created the Android Enterprise Recommended program to highlight those devices that offer the maximum guarantees of security and privacy. These devices certified by Google are recommended for professional use, have high software requirements and have a management system adapted to the needs of companies. That is why it is so surprising that Samsung, with the effort it has made in the development of security platforms such as Knox, was not yet certified in the Android Enterprise Recommended program.

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With the agreement sealed between Google and Samsung, the absence of the Galaxy in the program for companies ends. This does not mean that until now the devices of the Korean company were not suitable for professional use since, precisely, Samsung has made a notable effort to reinforce this aspect (centralized device management, Knox, integration with Microsoft ...), but, by being embedded within the Android Enterprise program, companies wishing to change their fleet of devices have an added certification. Many are guided by such certification to ensure they meet their safety standards.

Apart from the Koreans, Google has incorporated the Android program for companies to more devices from brands like OPPO, Lenovo, OnePlus or Xiaomi. The current catalog consists of 218 devices (Samsung's not yet included, the number will grow).

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