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Google Camera 8.1 adds a space saving mode for when your mobile is almost full

The storage space our photos take up is more topical than ever, after Google announced that photo backup would be discounted from storage next year. The change will not affect the current Google Pixels, although if it did, they have a new ally in the last google camera version 8.1.

A novelty of version 8.1 of Google Camera that has arrived later than the others is the storage section in its settings. In it, it is possible to activate a special mode for when you have little space left on your mobile, which reduces the quality of photos and videos to give you more space.

Save storage space

Just like many Android phones have a power saving mode, which closes applications more aggressively, limits power and sometimes turns the screen in black and white, the Google camera application adds something similar, but to storage space.

How to know if your mobile can install the Google camera, Gcam

In a new camera setting, present in Google Pixels that have the Google 8.1 camera installed, several options related to the storage space on the mobile are displayed. At the top there is a progress bar where it is indicated how much space you have left and for how many photos and video minutes I should give you


Just below, you can activate space saving mode, which is something like a shortcut to change various camera settings that will reduce the size of the photos and videos you take with your mobile. Specifically, the settings to save photos in RAW format, the resolution of photos and videos, and photos in motion are changed Motion Photos.

This mode is presented as an emergency option when you have little space left on your mobile, and it is possible to configure it so that automatically deactivates when you have more than 1 GB free again . Finally, a shortcut is included to open Google Files, the application with which you can free up space on your mobile.

The novelty is being activated to users with a Google Pixel phone that have Google Camera 8.1 or higher, whose update should arrive through Google Play. Otherwise, you can install it from APKMirror, although you will need to use its special installer.

Via | XDA