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Google Call, meet the new integrated phone app for Android

It looks like Google is going to change the name of its Android Phone app ... again!

More changes are looming over important Google applications for Android, which are now on everyone's lips for a (mis) successful change of icons that complicates not only differentiating them but basically knowing what is each one of them for within the Android ecosystem.

If anything, it seems that the Mountain View giant keep looking for the formula to fit and homogenize your apps, sometimes making some users dizzy who have already seen how only a couple of months ago the Phone app, the most important in any smartphone, changed its name to now change it again.

Or well, at least that is what we believe after the leak published by 9to5Google, and that is that from the Californian company there are no official announcements about Google Call still, which is what the complete redesign of the Android phone app that Californians prepare.

Google Home Mini on wheel phone

It seems that Google is preparing a built-in Phone app for Android, and it will be called Google Call.

Google Call, the integrated app for Google calls with "trusted identification"

The new app is unofficial and has only been seen in some captures of what looks like the web version of the Google Play Store, captured by a Reddit user from a YouTube video where they were shown some details of the new Google applications for mobile devices.

In the image you can see a new logo in addition to the unprecedented name 'Google Call' for what was until now 'Google Phone', with a redesign very in line with the latest interfaces presented by the search engine firm in Gmail, Google Calendar and Workspace, along with a icon also in controversial line started these last weeks.

The leaked images of the premiere of Google Call

This would be Google Call according to the leaked captures, including a new and debatable icon.

In addition, a new function is specifically mentioned that would come to complete the current automatic spam caller ID, and that would be known as something similar to a "Trusted caller ID" for our mobile phones.

This new function would allow to integrate the automatic recognition of advertising or spam calls with name identification of the sender, so that we can answer our calls calmly even if we do not have the number of our interlocutor in the phonebook of the device.

In addition, the change to Google Call would highlight the integration not only of the mobile phone but also from calls via Google Duo, which could be done directly from the app itself.

For now it is just an early leak and not verified, but even if only a few weeks have passed since the last name change, does not seem very far from the policy that Google has followed with the homogenization of its services in the last times… Right? Well, we will have to see what functions and news has 'Google Call' when it is officially presented to us.