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Goodbye to the Samsung Galaxy Note? A new Samsung movement sows doubts

The line that separates the S and Note series from Samsung is getting thinner.

The Samsung Galaxy Note family has always been the flagship of Samsung along with the S series. Over the years, both product lines have made the wall that separates them narrower until they are separated by few differences.

This fact has led many people to think that its merger in a single mobile could be close and, the latest news on the matter, points precisely in that direction.

A few weeks ago we already knew the first details in the design of the next Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and today, thanks to the leak of the popular insider Ice universe we have echoed a very relevant news: the next Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will include support for the S-Pen.

Possible lace for the disappearance of the Note line

Note20 Ultra, rear

The back of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

The inclusion of S-Pen support for Samsung's next high-end phones would not have to assume the end of the Note series, but it is true that each time the circle narrows more.

If the leak is true, the line that separates the S and Note series of the Korean company would be even narrower, making the launch of such similar phones an expendable action.

It is also true that the fact of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra supports the functions of the S-Pen They do not have to be linked to the fact that this utensil is included as standard nor that a space for storage is included in the phone. This does open the door for the Note series to have continuity in 2021.

Be that as it may, it will not take too long to find out because, as we have already told you, all the rumors point to an earlier departure than usual for the next flagship Samsung phones.