Go back to Google 1998 with this great Chrome and Firefox extension

If you are a lover of vintage, you should try this extension for Google Chrome.

Past times have always been better or so many say. A clear example is the new Motorola RAZR which seems not to have had the same success as the original model. But today we are not going to talk about mobile phones, but about Google.

Google as a company has nothing to do with that of years ago, starting with its search engine. The Google search engine is not only much more minimalist in terms of design, but also much faster and more efficient when searching for information. But, What if we wanted to bring the 1998 Google search back?

Go back to the past with this extension for Google Chrome and Firefox

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Go back to the past with this extension for Google Chrome

It is possible that the 2020 Google search engine is much more efficient than the 1998 one and with a much more modern design, but it is also true that the Google of the past was much easier to use, with fewer options and simpler.

For this reason, as we read in Engadget, Markup has launched an extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox called Simple Search, that teleports the user to the 90's by adapting the Google search interface to this time.

We don't know if this appearance is better than the current one, but what is certain is that it is quite curious to see. Technology has evolved by leaps and bounds and remembering what the tools we use on a daily basis were like years ago is always interesting to see.

You can download Simple Search from the following link and test it in your favorite browsers for free.