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On November 20, 1985, the world knew Windows 1.01. Today marks the 35th anniversary of the birth of that small variant of Windows 1.0, which was the one that the world could know since Microsoft never marketed it to the general public. Definitely, something weird for being the first version of such an important operating system.

If you wonder what the system was like at its birth, it is easy to know thanks to the fact that there are various websites such as PCjs Machines that allow you to emulate this and other operating systems from the browser itself. Let's see what some of the sections of Windows 1.01 were like according to its emulated version.

Windows wasn't always called that: Bill Gates preferred another name that had nothing to do with windows

A Windows without free windows

Using Windows 1.01 it is very easy to see what has changed everything. One of the things that attracts the most attention is that, compared to how white or dark everything is today, 35 years ago Microsoft opted for a very colorful and even customizable interface. If we run Control.exe, and enter Screen Colors, we will arrive at a configuration in which we can modify absolutely everything in terms of aesthetics: the color of the windows, the text, etc.

Windows Windows 10

Windows 1.01 already had copy and paste and a clipboard application, and in the following image we will see one of the arrangements in which the mosaic windows could be placed, because we must remember that there was no freedom to place the windows where we wanted, nor windows in the foreground or background. If they were maximized, they would always occupy a part of the screen.


Windows 1.01 tiles could be horizontal or vertical.

Let's see what mythical applications looked like, such as Calculator or Notepad. The second, basically it has not changed as much as one might expect, keeping the current one almost the same essence as always. In the area below the calculator window we can see minimized windows, because yes, they existed at that time.

Memo pad


Close windows was not yet associated with the [X] on the right, but on the opposite side of the window, on the left. In it we see a button with three lines that closes the windows when we double click. It is something strange, but it is a function that so long later, is still available in the advantages of Windows 10.