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France asks technology companies to pay 3% of the 'Google rate' after having paralyzed it ago

At the beginning of the year, the French government of Emmanuel Macron reported that the application of the 'Google tax' or 'GAFA tax' to large technology companies was paralyzed until the end of the year. Although the new tax had been approved, pressure from the United States caused its entry into force to be delayed.

Now, as they had announced, with just over a month to the end of the year, the French Minister of the Economy has announced that the large technology companies have received the payment notices so that they pay the 3% demanded of the income generated by their digital services in the country.

There is still no global agreement

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This 'Google rate' is something that has been negotiated within the European Union, with failure due to the opposition of some countries, and is in the phase of negotiations in the OECD. If this project goes ahead, it would mean a global and unified application, which is what the Donald Trump government was asking for to move forward. So he referred to the tax in July of last year:

"France just imposed a digital tax on our big American tech companies. If anyone taxes them, it should be their home country, the United States. We will announce substantial reciprocal action on Macron's stupidity shortly. I've always said wine! American is better than French! "

In Spain, the tax was approved a short time ago, in October, and according to media such as La Vanguardia, it will be applied in January. France hopes to raise 400 million euros with the measure. In our country, the Minister of Finance already said that the tax would be "transitory until a regulation is approved at the global or at least European level", and the expected collection figures dance.

For and against the 'Google tax': this is the position of Spain and Europe on the tax on large technologies

Government has come to expect to raise 1,200 million with it, a figure that other times they have reduced, and that different employers affirm that it is very difficult to achieve. For customers, regardless of whether or not it achieves its mission, the problem is that some companies such as Amazon already said that they would pass the tax on to their commercial activity, so instead of saving something, it would be lost. Now it's time to move to the United States, waiting to see what finally happens with Joe Biden.