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For some reason, a Chinese brand has patented a mobile with 8 “corner” cameras

From China we always get crazy ideas, and the latest is this smartphone patented by the unknown company Lens Technology with up to 8 sensors strangely placed in the corners of the device.

There is no doubt about the superiority of the Chinese manufacturers to sell mobile phones of the best quality at the best price, and at this point we will not be surprised to know that soon the vast majority of smartphones sold globally will be of Chinese origin.

In fact, it is that the internationalization of giants like Xiaomi or OPPO has allowed large consumer electronics corporations in China to grow dramatically not only in sales but also in global notoriety, with some manufacturers such as Vivo betting on "Europeanize" your products and look for the best Android experience on the market by picking up the glove of Google's new strategy with the Pixels.

In any case, crazy ideas always come to us from China, and the last one is taught by GizmoChina following some prototypes recreated by Let'sGoDigital with total mastery, as always, this time showing a smartphone with a strange configuration of eight cameras arranged in groups of two at the four corners of the device, which has been patented in China by Lens Technology company.

Lens Technology shows us a prototype with 8 cameras in the corners

The prototype of Lens Technology, with 8 strangely placed photographic sensors.

We can only ask ourselves… Why Lens Technology? Why?

We already knew that the configurations of a single camera or even a double camera fall short in these times, but the truth is that Lens Technology will have to explain to us the usefulness of this configuration 'octa-camera', a design as curious as it is strangely unhelpful due to the placement of the sensors.

The patent has already been approved by the World Intellectual Property Organization, and from its documentation a quite futuristic design with four dual sensor assemblies at the four corners of the device, something that we do not know if it has practical utility but that will make it impossible to hold it without covering any of the eight sensors located on its back.

Lens Technology shows us a prototype with 8 cameras in the corners

We cannot imagine the benefits of a design like this, because you will cover yes or yes some sensor even if you want to avoid it.

In case you know her, Lens Technology is a well-known China supplier of mobile components, partner important players in the industry such as Samsung, Huawei or Apple itself, to which supplies for example the Apple Watch screens.

As for your strange smartphone, the front shows a clean design, optimized for your screen, with a physical button of which we do not know usefulness and without notches or holes for a front camera that we do not know where it will be located, but we understand under the panel.

On the back we see that design with eight sensors positioned diagonally at all four corners, in groups of two and with an LED flash in the middle of each set, without specifying either what each sensor will be used for and what sense does this configuration make that will make it difficult to use the device when taking pictures without any doubt, unless it is accompanied by a support accessory.

Be that as it may, most likely it will not reach the market, or that otherwise it lands marked by some other firm to which Lens Technology will supply the already assembled smartphone as OEM, so At this point we have little information with certainty on the production of what is already another very crazy design exercise arrived, of course, from China.