Play Pokémon made in Spain on Android

For 20 euros you have a smart speaker and 6 months of Amazon's Spotify free

Enjoy Alexa and 6 months of the best music without interruption with Amazon smart speakers.

Thanks to this Amazon offer you can enjoy 6 free months of Music Unlimited. All you have to do is buy one of the Echo smart speakers, who are already in their fourth generation and start from only 19 euros.

Amazon speakers live thanks to Alexa, your virtual assistant, who will always be there to help you. In addition, they have good sound quality so you can enjoy your favorite music in conditions.

Music Unlimited with Amazon Echo

The new Amazon Echo and Music Unlimited, the perfect pair.

Enjoy the best music without interruptions

Thanks to Amazon Music Unlimited you will have access to an immense catalog that includes more than 70 million songs. In addition, you will enjoy a series of advantages and you will not have to worry about any kind of interruption or advertising.