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Firefox will completely end Flash support in January 2021

After years and years of agony, Flash is finally almost completely buried. The latest to set the end of definitive support is Mozilla, who just announced that Firefox 84 will be the last version of the browser that will support Flash.

This means that in January 2021, when Firefox 85 is released, the browser will no longer have Flash support, there will no longer be options to rehabilitate the plugin, and it will stop loading content with Flash after January 12, 2021.

Official support from Adobe ends on December 31

Flash Death

Adobe had already announced in 2017 that Flash would be officially discontinued in 2020, and they confirmed this recently, ending an agony of more than half a decade. As of January 1, 2021, it will no longer be possible to download Flash from the official website.

Flash has been dying slowly and painfully for almost all this decade, the web turned its back on it years ago, and we have been recommending its disuse for countless times. Now it goes from being disabled by default in most browsers, to no longer being supported completely.

Should Adobe Flash become Open Source? Three reasons for and three against

In fact, Microsoft already removed support for Flash from Windows 10 with an optional update last October, and he did it so that users can assess the impact of his disappearance from now on. Steve Jobs will be happy in his grave.

Currently standards such as HTML5, WebGL and WebAssembly are better options to create content without having to depend on Flash, a plugin marked by its constant security gaps

Via | ZDNet