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Firefox Lockwise, a fantastic password manager signed by Mozilla

One of the most recommended measures to protect the integrity of an account is to use strong passwords, with special characters, numbers, etc. The problem with these types of passwords is that, although they are difficult to guess, they are hard to rememberTherefore, one option to consider in order to "ignore" is to use a password manager such as LastPass or the one that Google has integrated by default in Chrome.

Some time ago, Mozilla launched its own alternative, Firefox Lockbox, which was later renamed to Firefox Lockwise, in addition to receiving a major facelift. It was launched a long time ago for iOS and Android (being already on desktop) and its operation is exactly the same as the rest of the alternatives on the market, with the difference that if you use Firefox on the desktop you can synchronize the passwords between mobile and PC.

Let Lockwise fill in the passwords for you


If you already use password managers you probably know how Lockwise works, but if you are new, it is worth reviewing how it works. When you install Lockwise, you must authorize it to become your autocomplete service. That way, the app can "read" the screen and see what fields it can fill in. Thus, when you click on the "Password" text box, the application will detect it and fill it in automatically using the credentials that are stored in the application.

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It is a quite useful function, although it is noted that Firefox Lockwise is in a first version and it doesn't always work. Even so, you can always access the application, copy the username and password manually by pressing the dedicated button and paste both in the application in which you want to log in.

Passwords are encrypted with a 256-bit key and synchronized between devices

Regarding security, passwords are encrypted with a 256-bit key and, in order to prevent anyone from accessing them, you can protect the application with a fingerprint or a pin. That way, you and only you will be able to access your credentials, which considerably raises the level of security.

As is the custom in Mozilla, Firefox Lockwise is a completely free application which can be downloaded on any Android. Although it is true that there are more popular alternatives, it can be a tool to consider by all those who use Firefox as the default browser on their mobile or PC.

Firefox Lockbox

Firefox Lockwise