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Firefox 83 arrives with performance improvements, new HTTPS-only mode, and initial support for Apple's new M1 chips

We can now download Firefox 83 for Windows, Linux and macOS. The latest version of Mozilla's browser comes with performance improvements in page loading, initial support for Apple's new M1 chips through emulation, and a new mode that forces HTTPS loading on all the websites we visit.

In Mozilla they say they have fine-tuned the browser's JavaScript engine, achieving up to 15% faster page loading, increasing responsiveness by 12%, and reducing memory usage by up to 8%.


Https Only Mode

HPPTS-only mode that can be activated from Firefox's Privacy and Security options

Mozilla explains in detail the benefits of this new security feature that they have integrated into Firefox. The new HPPTS-only mode ensures that the browser always tries to establish a completely secure connection to all the websites we visit.

Yes we activate the only-HTTPS mode from the Privacy and Security options of FirefoxWe can also expect the browser to always ask for permission before connecting to a website that does not support secure connections through HTTPS.

Some believe that open source as a community is dying and the layoffs at Mozilla bode ill for the open web

By default this mode is disabled, but we can enable it for all the windows that we open or only for the private windows.

Other novelties

  • Picture in Picture mode now allows us to use keyboard shortcuts to rewind or advance videos in 15-second segments.

  • If you have a computer with a touch screen or touchpad, Firefox now has support for pinching zoom (pinch to zoom).

  • The PDF reader now supports AcroForm to fill and save PDF forms directly from the same browser.

  • Firefox 83 also works on newer Macs with M1 chips thanks to Rsetta, Apple's emulation software. However, Mozilla is already working on a native version for the new ARM architecture on macOS.