Find a job with the best resume-making apps

Making a good resume will be much easier with these apps that we propose.

In these times, one of the issues that most worries people is employment. The difficult work situation of many or the desire to find new challenges for others they cause a ** continuous state of alert in the labor market ** and, to take advantage of the few opportunities that arise, you have to be prepared.

We have gotten tired of reading hundreds of sites that a well-presented resume can make a difference. And it is true, we are not going to come now to tell you otherwise. But… How to do it? Where to begin? Do I have to have design knowledge to surprise HR?

This list of apps to make curricula that we propose below will help you to solve each and every one of these questions. We already anticipate it: yes, making the perfect resume is at your fingertips.

Top applications to make resumes

  • Resume Free Application
  • Curriculum Viate
  • Curriculum Europeu BASIC
  • Curriculum manager
  • Smart resume
  • Free Resume Builder
  • Professional Resume Builder

Resume Free Application

free curriculum app

App Curriculum Free Applications.

The first app that we recommend from this list is Free Applications Resume (They have not broken their heads much with the name). Its operation is as simple as choose one of the formats pre-created by the app and fill in our information little by little.

The most striking thing about this app is the wide variety of designs it offers, in addition to be able to change fonts and colors and include a cover letter. When ready you can export via PDF.

Curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae

Curriculum Viate is another very good app for making resumes. It has numerous templates that they can be very easily edited, saved and shared in a couple of clicks. It also has a help section that will be very useful when you don't know where to go or what aspects you should highlight the most.

This app is completely free and has positive opinions from its user community.

Curriculum Europeu BASIC

curriculum europeu basic

Curriculum Europeu basic app.

If you are looking for the specific European curriculum vitae format, this application is perfect for you. The interface is simple but it includes all the characteristics necessary to successfully complete the official European working life model.

It has three different CV models, three available font sizes and six colors to choose from, option to include italics and insert signature valid at European level.

Curriculum Manager

curriculum manager

Curriulum Manager makes creating your resume as easy as possible. Entering all your data is extremely simple, as is editing it and saving new versions. It can export as PDF and also send it directly by email.

The template included is the standard template for a professional resume and it lists all the necessary fields to develop the perfect resume. Before starting to write, the app itself gives you a kind of demonstration of how to make the document.

Smart resume

smart resume

Smart Resume app.

Smart Resume is one of the most downloaded apps for making resumes and also one of the most valued by users since delivers exactly what it promises.

Thanks to its templates, you can create a resume in minutes, also in different languages. It comes with sample profiles for you to write down the tricks that will make you create a resume of a higher level.

Free Resume Builder

free resume builder

Free Remune Builder is, as its name suggests, a free app to create your resume that also works intuitively. You can export the files both in PDF or Microsoft Word format And, in addition, you are able to order the different sections of the document to your liking.

Likewise, with this app you can directly include other sections in a visually very attractive way, as is the case of the Photography, the skills in the form of fun graphics or whatever you think is necessary to add.

Professional Resume Builder

professional summary builder app

Professional summary builder app.

Another app that can come in handy to make the curriculum is Professional Resume Builder. This allows you to create a summary of your work life and training in a few minutes thanks to its wide portfolio of templates, as well as eliminate them or add elements that you consider necessary.

Is in english so it will come in handy if you are looking for templates to apply for positions that require your CV in that language.

What should a good resume include?


A well presented curriculum will be the differential in the selection process.

Good resumes serve to mark distances from other candidates in the selection process. The key is in present you in an original way without using too many words. Talk about yourself, your strengths and those aspects that are important to you in a short personal description.

Don't forget to include personal and contact details so that the company can easily locate you. Also, detail your work experience, but do not dwell too much on aspects that are not relevant to the position you want to apply for. Yes, when in doubt, add that information, you never know if it can be useful to the interviewer.

Don't forget to include all your training, however insignificant it may seem. Above all, in addition to major studies, details courses and knowledge of current tools, In addition, obviously, from all the languages ​​you know and from volunteer experiences or periods in other countries, they will show that you can function in different contexts.

Finally, all this information must be presented in an orderly manner and, if it can be, visually appealing, that for something we have recommended these seven great applications.