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Fan of a Chinese singer infiltrated a forum of 'haters' for 10 years until being promoted to moderator: she deleted 15,000 posts

Founded in 2003, Baidu Tieba has become the largest forum platform in the world: Despite being limited to the Chinese market, its users number in the billions.

As with Facebook, many of the communities on this website (owned by Baidu, the largest Chinese Internet search engine) are structured around common tastes of its participants ... and others, based on common hatreds.

This is the story of a community of 'haters' (Haters) of Victoria Song, a Chinese singer and model who rose to fame as a member of the South Korean pop group 'f (x)'. This community already existed a year after Song began his musical career with said group in 2009.

Legendary example of digital fifth columnism

At that moment, a user of Baidu Tieba, a staunch fan of Song, decided to hatch a long-term plan surprising because of the improbability of its success: to become part of the anti-Victoria Song community, become an active user and apparently enthusiastic about it and trusting that one day she would become a moderator.

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Thus, he hoped, he could begin to erase all the threads of messages full of insults against his idol. And if you are reading this article it is because, surprisingly, in the end the plan went well.

As revealed by the AllKPop website, this user was chosen as the forum moderator earlier this month, and she immediately proceeded to use her newly acquired privileges to launch her plan, managing to erase 15000 publications throughout a week before she herself brought the truth to light:

Screenshot 7

The nets have, of course, been impressed with the tenacity demonstrated during this exercise of infiltration and fifth digital columnism... which reminds us, once again, that we never know who may actually be behind an avatar.

Via | Mixx.ioo