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Facebook's dark mode is almost official

The night mode of the Facebook app is already being tested by thousands of users.

We spend more and more time in front of the screens and our eyes cry for breaths. Many applications and websites have already taken steps in this direction, adding a much less aggressive dark mode for our eyes And that makes long hours in front of the computer more bearable.

Surprisingly, Facebook hadn't been one of those sites that gave us the possibility to put a dark mode, but that is over.

The American social media giant is finally doing random user testing on a hypothetical dark mode in your app for mobile devices, both IOS and Android.

Dark mode on Facebook for mobile

night mode facebook

This is how the night mode will look in the Facebook app.

This feature has taken longer than the bill to reach the Facebook mobile app. Since last March it has been enabled in the desktop version and in Facebook Messenger since 2019.

Still, better late than never.

If you are one of the users with the trial version activated or you will not be able to check it in the tools and privacy section of the app.

It can be activated or deactivated indefinitely, or left automatically programmed according to the configuration of your mobile. To do this, you must have the automatic night mode pre-configured on your smartphone.

Jane manchun She showed us the appearance of Facebook's night mode in a video that she herself shared on Twitter.

Don't worry if you don't have this option yet. The fact that it is being tested on a massive scale makes us indicate that it will soon be available to all users of the Zuckerberg social network.