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Level 50 will be the new limit for trainers in Pokémon GO and achieving it will not be easy.

If before we told you that November was being a hectic month in terms of events in Pokémon GO, the latest news in relation to the mobile game of the most famous saga they will simply leave you speechless.

Niantic has officially announced one of its most anticipated changes for Pokémon GO and this is none other than the rise of the maximum level. Level 40 will cease to be the cap for coaches of the popular game from November 30 and now the experience limit is increased until you reach level 50.

Reaching level 50 won't be easy

Pokémon GO Mega Evolutions

Reach level 50, a new great challenge for Pokémon GO lovers

The cover letter for raising the maximum level comes under the umbrella of GO Beyond, a project that frames many other issues besides that, such as the implementation of stations or the arrival of the Pokémon from the Kalos region. But let's get on with what concerns us.

For the first time since the game landed on our smartphones in 2016, there are changes in the maximum level and in the experience received. Now going up to level 40 will be easier, since common aspects such as capture, hatching of eggs, evolve or register new Pokémon will grant more points. The goal is for all trainers to reach level 40 before the end of the year to earn the Legacy Trainer title 40.

If you are already level 40 the challenge acquires a new dimension, Well, moving on to the next ones will require more than experience. From Niantic they already warn that it will not be an easy task, as you will have to complete specific tasks for each level. These are:

  • Level 41: In addition to other tasks to know, you will have to catch a certain number of Pokémon in a single day to reach level 41.
  • Level 42: To reach level 42 you must experience all the possible Pokémon evolutions, both random, as in the case of Eevee, and with objects.
  • Level 43: Going up to level 43 will be related to gym battles and raids. Certain platinum badges will also need to be earned.
  • Level 44: If you want to have a chance to climb to level 44, you will have to thoroughly master the coach and GO League battles.
  • Level 45: To access level 45, you will have to successfully face numerous battles against Team Rocket.
  • Level 46: Being a level 46 trainer will be tied to completing various field research tasks, hatching Eggs, and documenting your daily adventures with GO Snapshots.
  • Level 47: At level 47 raids will arrive on the scene. To achieve this, you will have to beat the raid bosses with teams that meet certain criteria established by Niantic.
  • Level 48: To reach level 48, you must achieve an unparalleled friendship with your partner Pokémon, with new requirements and activities together.
  • Level 49: If you want to be a level 49 trainer you will have to send gifts to your friends, get lucky Pokémon and other aspects related to friendship between trainers.
  • Level 50: How could it be otherwise, being a level 50 trainer requires mastering all aspects of the game. To prove it, you'll need to do things like great throws, catch Legendary Pokémon, or defeat Team GO Rocket leaders with Pokémon under 1500 CP.
level up 40 pokemon go (1)

This is how the trainer profile over level 40 will look in Pokémon GO.

XL Candy: raise the CP of Pokémon beyond level 40

pokemon go League Fighting GO

The level of our Pokémon will also go up.

Changes related to the maximum level do not remain exclusively with the coaches. Pokémon may also have combat points beyond level 40, but for this they will be the new XL Candy needed. These can be obtained in the game by catching Pokémon or combining other types of candies, although they will not be the only ways.

The first coaches to test the new level increase will be the Australians, but We will soon have this available in the rest of the world.