everything you know about Motorola's next (and revolutionary) high-end

Little by little more details are revealed about the next top-of-the-range terminal from Motorola.

Motorola continues to advance in the development of its next flagship that will hit the market in 2021, the Motorola XT2125 or, better known as Motorola Nio. Not many details are yet known about him, but enough to give us an idea of ​​the innovation that the American company is facing with this terminal.

For example, it has been leaked that Motorola is testing a never-before-seen refresh rate of 105 Hz for this new high-end terminal, although it has not yet been determined if it will be the final speed, if an adaptive modality will be chosen or they are mere tests. If 105 Hz is the definitive refresh rate, we would be facing a unprecedented terminal in the market.

More details of the Motorola Nio

New high-end Motorola

Motorola plans to launch a new high-end next year.

In addition to the aforementioned revolutionary refresh rate, another aspect that has been revealed about the Motorola Nio is its screen. This smartphone will equip a 6.7 inch panel with 1080+ resolution. Likewise, it is not a surprise that its serial operating system is Android 11, since leaving in the middle of 2021 with an inferior one would be an extremely difficult decision to understand.

Regarding its "heart", the Motorola will mount the Snapdragon 865 chip, unlike the new high-end of other companies such as Samsung, Xiaomi or OnePlus that will opt for the Snapdragon 875. It has also been leaked that it will equip 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of ROM, although the door is not closed to a 12 GB + 256 GB model.

In the cameras section, in the Motorla Nio we will find a 64 MP main lens based on OV64B sensor. This main camera will be accompanied by a 16 MP wide angle and a 2 MP depth sensor. Moving to the front, there you will store a 8 MP selfie camera and another 16 MP wide angle lens.