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Everything to the video game, this is Samsung's big bet with the Galaxy Store

The South Korean giant continues to improve its applications and added services on Android, with a total redesign for its Galaxy Store, which now is betting everything on the world of video games.

Last updated on 02/11/2020 at 12:01

Not bad at all for a Samsung that in the middle of the crash of the mobile industry has registered a record increase in profits, although the truth is that if the South Korean firm is clear about something it is this market will give you a snack if you fall asleep too much on our laurels.

Perhaps this is why the largest smartphone manufacturers globally continues to improve its added value on Android, with improvements in its update process, important changes on services such as Find My Mobile that now allows you to find Galaxy phones even offline, and even studying movements like Apple's regarding chargers and headphones that could be discontinued with the next top of the range of Samsung.

Not only this, and it is already we know another strategic change of enormous importance on one of Samsung's key services on Android, since Galaxy Store is redesigned betting everything on gaming and thus confirming the turn that the South Koreans had been anticipating after the presentation of the Galaxy Note20 with its gaming pack in the pre-sale offer and agreements with Microsoft to enjoy Xbox Game Pass before anyone else.

New interface for Samsung Galaxy Store

Samsung redesigns Galaxy Store, and its new bet puts everything in the box of 'gaming'.

The guys at Samsung like to play games, and they want you to do it too with your Galaxy devices

In fact, it seems that Samsung's big bet for the next few quarters is none other than to continue providing its mobiles with the best experience to play video games of the entire Android platform, without also having to launch specific phones with RGB LED lights or fabulous designs of industrial and strident cut.

Samsung already has ultra-powerful hardware in its leading phones, and now with the massive arrival of panels with high refresh rates the experience gaming you just need to feed on accessories, which Samsung has also achieved with MOGA XP5-X Plus controller included in the game pack of the Note20, and designed specifically to enjoy Microsoft's xCloud on your mobiles and tablets.

New interface for Samsung Galaxy Store

The games on the cover, with a specific section, offers and maximum prominence in the Galaxy Store.

Samsung's One UI customization also includes a specific mode for video games as well as a Game Launcher that presents us with all the options gaming in the same application, so it only needed to give it one more push through an increasingly leading Galaxy Store, but that has seen many of Samsung's own applications go to the Play Store to grow faster.

In any case, the South Korean movement is more than understandable under these circumstances, because if Xbox Game Pass was released before anyone else in the Samsung app store, the battle between Epic, Apple and Google has made the Galaxy Store the only platform where Fortnite is officially available and exclusively, with specific content only for Samsung devices and always up-to-date updates.

New interface for Samsung Galaxy Store

This is the new face of Galaxy Store: games on the one hand, and on the other everything else.

Thus, the new design of the Galaxy Store interface is further simplified to divide your content into just two sections, leaving games and their entire universe as the default tab and on the other hand putting everything else in a single shared section, from applications to the rest of customization options, system fonts, camera filters and more.

Additionally, Samsung announces new deals and new regular promotions, with exclusive offers, prizes and early registration for many new titles to be played before Galaxy mobiles.

The new Galaxy Store update is already being distributed globally, although as always Samsung is doing it gradually and by markets so as not to saturate its servers.

It will arrive very soon to Spain and Latin AmericaSo stay tuned if you have a Samsung in your pocket.

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