Earn more money in your pools with these mobile apps

These 7 apps are perfect to help you with the pool, with them you can fill in your bets, pay and even collect the prizes.

Playing the pool is the national pastime for lovers of soccer and games of chance. A centuries-old entertainment that you can update with the help of a whole series of useful applications with which you can not only get better forecasts for your pools, but also carry out various online procedures, often avoiding the hassle of having to go to the lottery administration to seal the ticket.

If you are not sure what they are the best pool apps, do not worry because we are going to give you a cable.

If you are a true player, in this compilation you will find the best apps in the pool universe as well as a link so you can download them officially from Google Play. Go for it!

android pools

The best pool apps for Android

Top applications to make pools

  • Quinielista
  • Quiniela Pro
  • Reduced pools
  • The best pool
  • Football pools
  • Quiniela Master
  • Quinidroid



Quinielista is one of the best apps for making pools right now. It is a simple tool that allows you to quickly bet on all leagues or competitions around the world. In Quinielista, bet with real money and withdraw it easily with your PayPal account.

In addition, with this app you can also participate in other types of games and bets to win money. an app perfect for those who want to play pools from the comfort of their mobile.

Quiniela Pro

Quiniela Pro is an app that will allow you to share your passion for soccer with your friends and the members of a great community. Here you can forecast the results of your favorite teams and see the results in real time.

Create and participate in simple or marker format pools. Share the access code with your friends and have fun while comparing their results.

Reduced pools

reduced pools

If you are a regular player of pools, then you will love this application. Why? Because it is a manual on the operation of the different types of Reduced Quinielas according to the ticket. In short, it is a tool that will help you know how the pools of all the competitions you want work. An app that cannot be missing on the mobile of a true player!

The best pool

the best pool

This app is capable of making a perfect forecast for your pool. Every week, the tool offers you the best combinations in order to help you earn money. If you were looking for some extra help when betting, then The Best Pool could be that perfect app for you.

Although sometimes they fail, the forecasts provided by this app could make you earn good money.

Football pools

Pool is an application with which you can make pools, with all the calm in the world and the best data. Follow live the football results of First, Second, Second B, Champions League, Europa League, Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, friendlies, national teams and more.

As if that were not enough, in this program to make pools you will find live notifications of the goals, a chat to comment on the matches and even the possibility of checking your pool in a matter of seconds.

Quiniela Master

pool master

Quiniela Master is an application created so that you can live your passion for sports to the fullest. Create your pool of your favorite sport and league and invite your friends with the code generated by the application.

Here you can compete in full tournaments, tournaments by day or just days. Play as you like and win over your friends by betting on your favorite teams!



Quinidroid is an app to check your pool and manage all the ones you like (simple, multiple, reduced and conditional). Follow live matches of the day, receive notifications of goals and results, review the official forecasts and calculate the prize you could win at the end of the day. A simple and accurate pool app!

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