Download over 100 high-quality illustrations for free, customizable and without the need for attribution to use in your projects

Not everyone has the resources to pay for a professional to create custom artwork for our project. Luckily in the world there are people who create free resources for anyone who wants to use them without asking for anything in return, not even an attribution, and it is worth noting.

This is the case of karthiksri91, a Reddit user who has created over a hundred high-quality illustrations, totally free, that can be used without attribution and that allow customization based on the choice of a color. Also, every day add a new one. Really surprising.

The number of illustrations in this completely free collection is increasing day by day

How to choose an illustration and download it

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Choosing an illustration from this collection is pretty easy. We can simply browse the web and stop at the image that we like the most, use the search engine by entering a keyword that interests us or through the gender selector, which will show us images of women or men.

We can choose a color so that the illustrations are colored in similar tones and download them in SVG or PNG

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Once an illustration of our liking has been found, or even without doing any type of search, simply by looking at all the designs there are, we can choose a color using the selector located in the upper right part and as if by magic, all the drawings are colored with that tone or similar.

With the image to our liking, we have the possibility to download it in SVG or PNG format. It's that simple, you don't need to register or provide any type of information. Of course, if we want to thank the work of the person behind, she suggests us share the project on social networks.