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Do you want to buy a cheap mobile? We bring you the key tips for a perfect purchase

Choosing a new mobile is not an easy task, we give you a series of tips

The time to renew your mobile phone is coming. You know it, and you are already beginning to test the waters looking at models and comparing performance.

But, Do you know well what to compare and which models are more advisable? Sometimes diving into the mobile phone industry can be almost like stepping into an abyssal trench.

But it doesn't have to be this way if there is a good helping hand to help you. We are going to be that helping hand, and the cable that we are going to give you is a series of fundamental tips to buy the best cheap smartphone. Almost nothing, huh?

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Find the mobile that fits you

How to buy a good cheap mobile

For buy a good mobile at a good price, the first thing we are going to anticipate is that you must get rid of prejudices.

You cannot imagine the terminals that are out there, in online stores, at prices far below what has been usual.

For example, for example, you have this comparison of cheap smartphones, in which you will surely see brands that you do not know.

But trust us, they are all first rate phones.

Do you want to search on your own? Well then take note. We are going to give you a series of recommendations that we consider essential to buy not a good mobile phone, to buy the best you can find in the market.

What use do you want to give it?

What do you want to use your mobile for? This question, although it seems silly, is the perfect key to be able to choose wisely the phone to buy.

A terminal that is going to be used for work, that needs to be all day between calls, that is agile to make video calls, to open documents or to be aware of the mail, is not the same as one to flirt with Instagram or watch videos of kittens.

Being clear about the purpose for which it will be used is essential. So you can fine tune the features that we are going to see later to buy something that really suits your needs.

Things like the camera, RAM, storage or autonomy they are decisive when you have the answer to this first question.

The most advisable brands

Everyone knows brands like Samsung or iPhone. In fact, they are currently one of the most popular out there; but be careful, they are also the most expensive.

If you want to buy something that offers good specs for a low price, you have to take a look at other terrain.

There's a lot China smartphone that is surprising with what it does and what it costs.

And it is that, in mobile telephony, that something cheap is of poor quality is a lie that has been collapsing for years. Xiaomi, Huawei and Oppo They are names that you should keep in mind when looking for your new purchase.

Do your research, because you are going to get some very pleasant surprises with what they cost and how powerful they can be.

Be careful with these characteristics

When buying a smartphone you have to look at the benefits in addition to the price, that is something that we have made very clear with the previous two sections.

However, What are the characteristics to be assessed? The priority depends, as we said before, on the use.

But, if there is something that we can highlight, it is autonomy, along with RAM and CPU.

Why this trio? Well simple. The autonomy determines the time that you will be able to use the mobile without charging; the CPU, meanwhile, the performance of all the applications you have to open.

Finally, the RAM ensures that more or fewer apps can be opened without problems. Then you also have to take into account storage, especially the micro SD card compatibility.

If you take this into account and compare well, you are sure to be right.

Don't run, compare prices

The temptation to buy a terminal the moment you see a sale can be enormous. But don't be in a hurryYou already know that she is not a good counselor.

Take your time and compare the prices of the same model in different stores. What's more, take advantage and also look for price histories to see if it is at its best or if, on the contrary, a larger discount may arrive at another time.

With dates like Black Friday or Christmas in between, periods with huge discounts on technology are coming. Do not run and value the options well, because the difference can be enormous.Who has not ever happened to have bought something and the next day it was lowered even more?

Also think about aspects such as the camera if you want to take good photos or videos, keep an eye on factors such as the USB-C charging port and, above all, do not run to buy the first thing that comes your way.

There is a whole sea of ​​opportunities.