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Do you fall asleep watching Netflix? Its new role is perfect for you

Those of you who let chapters and chapters pass in an unintentional way will soon have the solution at hand to remedy it.

I must confess one thing: yes, I am exactly that kind of person who falls asleep watching Netflix (or any other similar platform) and who needs remedy the application to continue working at ease while I have disconnected several chapters ago.

If you are like me, I must tell you that very soon you may also be in luck, because Netflix has a new feature planned which will allow you to add a timer to playback.

According to XDA Developers, the popular streaming video service app has included in a beta version for Android the possibility for users to set a specific playback time. After this (let's say 90 minutes), Netflix will stop and stop showing content.

No official confirmation from Netflix

netflix timer

The timer function would arrive in future Netflix updates.

The information that XDA Developers has been able to collect is due to a small piece of code ( Timer) which translates as "Timer", timer in Spanish. Based on this it is believed that very soon this option will appear available in the video player interface In future updates, although there is no confirmation from Netflix.

Currently, Netflix's control mechanism for when several chapters are played in a row Without intermediation of the spectator, it is to ask him directly if he is still there, to which you have to answer by pressing the confirmation button on your remote. If not answered, the app will stop playing, but several chapters may have passed by then without us knowing.

The problem with this "control question" is that the user cannot modify how much time has to pass without interacting with the app to appear, so the timer tool would fix the deficit.

Netflix has been working on improving playback for some time and adapting to the peculiarities of its users. For example, a few weeks ago we already told you about the inclusion of the audio-only mode or that Netflix was testing its Direct mode in France.