15 experiments to do with your mobile

Discover with this online test which digital profession best suits your skills and abilities

It is estimated that within five years, five years, half of today's professions will cease to exist as we know them. Some will disappear forever and others will evolve with a key digitization component.

That is why in the coming years there will be a growing demand for digital professionals, and from Barcelona Digital Talent, an initiative that seeks to boost market competitiveness by facing the current digital talent gap, They have prepared a test with which to discover the digital profile that each of us has contenting a few simple questions.

Knowing our ideal digital profession

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This small test created by the initiative promoted by Mobile World Capital Barcelona seeks to get to know each other orient ourselves in the professions of the digital future from which are our knowledge, skills and even tastes.

We simply have to access the test, identify ourselves and start answering all the questions posed to us. Some will have to do with our notions about certain fields, others will give us to choose between two months and a last will try to elucidate what our objectives are.

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With all the information collected, at the end of the test, we will be told what digital profile we have. For example, if it is big data, will allow us to discover more about this field, what it consists of, what type of tasks includes a profession that has to do with this field and available specializations within it.

A simple and entertaining way whether we want to start in the digital world or if we are simply curious on which technological field, according to this test, would be ours.