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Digital Wellbeing will remind you not to use your mobile while you walk, with 'Heads Up'

If you drink, don't drive and if you walk, do not have your eyes fixed on the mobileYou can stumble, crash or cross the road without paying proper attention. If you know you have a problem about it and want to correct it, Google's Digital Wellbeing will give you a lead with a new feature called Heads Up in English, a play on words between the meaning of notice and head up.

Heads Up is not yet available, although it has been discovered by XDA among the code of the latest version of Google Digital Wellbeing, and it is an optional warning to prevent you from looking at the mobile screen while walking.

Look where you are

Google's digital well-being is preparing a new utility so that you can self-monitor your mobile use while walking on the street. Like the rest of the Digital Wellbeing functions, it is not an imposition, but a help for those who want to limit this behavior. That is, it is optional.

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The function is called in English Heads Up and it is not yet ready for users, although through a few screenshots we can get a fairly rough idea of ​​how it will work. When activated, the mobile will notify you when you are using the mobile while walking.


For its operation, Digital Wellbeing needs permission to access the physical activity information - necessary to recognize when you are walking - and, optionally, the location. At the moment we have not been able to see how is the notice in question, although it is most likely that it is some kind of notification.

This news should come in a future update of the app, perhaps along with other novelties discovered in previous versions and that have not yet materialized, such as the animated wallpaper, which adds a cloud every time you unlock the phone during the day. Until then, try to remember for yourself that of not walking with the fixed screen on your mobile.