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Dig2China, the other great game from the creators of Among Us

Dig2China, the new game from the creators of Among Us that will keep you entertained.

Innersloth is the company behind Among Us, one of the most popular casual games right now.

Bored of finding out who the impostor was? Well, the company has launched another game that also promises hours of fun.

For this same reason, today we will tell you everything you need to know about Dig2China, the other great game from the creators of Among Us.

If you were looking for a good casual game to enjoy on your Android, then Dig2China could be that title you need.

Why? Because it is simple, addictive and will make you have a good time in front of the mobile screen.

What is Dig2China like?


Did you get to play Dig Dug? The game where you had to dig tunnels underground and use an air pump to inflate and blow up numerous enemies? Well, you could say that Dig2China is a title similar to this classic of a lifetime.

In Dig2China you will have to dig through 13 layers of planet Earth to reach China. All along the way, you will have to upgrade and upgrade your excavator to do this.

As the name implies, the main objective of the game is to excavate towards China and to achieve this you will have to overcome a lot of fun obstacles.

While you're digging you will run into a lot of objects (good and bad) until you reach China. Just as there are soft drinks that give you benefits, if you crash with a trash can (as well as many other things) you will lose and you will have to start digging again.

Dig2China by Innersloth

When you go to start a game, your duty will be to tap the screen repeatedly to start digging.

With your fingers you give direction to the character and thus you go through the 13 layers of the planet, dodging all the obstacles there and to be, until you reach the Asian country.

Although the Dig2China mechanics is quite simple, the more you advance in the game the harder the road becomes.

Without a doubt, you will have to practice enough to reach your goal of reaching China. In short, surpassing the 13 layers of planet Earth and reaching China will not be easy.

As you have seen, Dig2China is a game that has what it takes to entertain you for a long time. But nevertheless, some users comment on Google Play that it should be longer.

Dig2china gameplay

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And you, will you download Dig2China or will you keep playing Among Us until you can't? Be that as it may, Innersloth continues to show that no overly elaborate graphics are necessary to create an entertaining game.