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design and experience that "brings joy back to writing"

At Genbeta we have already spoken on numerous occasions about Notion, a tool (now completely free) that is a kind of Swiss army knife for productivity and that is fully adapted to our needs.

The weak point that many of us see in Notion is its experience on mobile devices (the developers assure that they are precisely improving this) and this is where a new tool comes in force: Craft.

"Built from the ground up for digital devices. Craft brings joy back to writing."

"A modern writing app"

Balint orosz is the Hungarian developer behind this project, and he claims that he has used two years of his life to release this first version. It declares that it is “a modern writing app”, and that “simplicity is one of its strong points”.

It is important to indicate that it is an application (at least, for now) exclusive to the Apple ecosystem: iOS, iPadOS and macOS. Below we can see a presentation video, created by the company:


When we open the app for the first time on iOS or iPadOS, a quick tutorial will allow us to test the touch capabilities that this service offers. Blocks can be moved quickly and easily, and changing the style of a paragraph will be as easy as dragging it to the left.

Another positive point is how quickly changes sync between different devices, practically in real time. This is ideal when it comes to not losing texts that we have written and always knowing that we are facing the latest version.

This synchronization speed reminds me of what we can have on platforms like Google Docs, and it is something that remains when we are working on a document shared with another user.

The main screen shows us all the documents and a preview of them. It is possible to create different folders, in order to have each of these documents organized. We can then choose to only show us those from certain folders or those that we have marked as highlighted.


As in Notion, we have the possibility of creating different "spaces", to which (in turn) we can invite other people so that they can collaborate on different projects.

Writing in Craft

This post that you are reading, how could it be otherwise, I have written it using Craft (through a MacBook, an iPad and an iPhone). The experience has been very satisfactory, especially in terms of keyboard response.

Many times, writing in Notion, you have the feeling that there is a very uncomfortable lag, in addition to loading times that can become somewhat exasperating. If Craft claims to be a tool designed for mobile devices, another essential aspect is that it has been designed to be used without taking your hands off the keyboard.

Don't take your hands off the keyboard

In this link we can see the amount of keyboard shortcuts available in Craft, which allow us to edit, change the style or organize the content of our documents in a fast and comfortable way.

Write in Craft, mostly on iPadOS it's a very satisfying experience, especially if you have an external keyboard. It feels like a sort of hybrid between IA Writer and Notion, and those are big words.

Anyway, in the right part of the window (in macOS, lower part in iPadOS) we can find a panel in which they allow us to modify the details of this page: if we want it to have a featured image, a title, than the text appear centered, activate the grammar checker or see the number of words we have written.


Support for Slide Over and Split View on iPadOS.

Although it is a practically new tool, It is appreciated that Craft arrives on iPadOS with support for Silde Over (when we have a "main" app that occupies our entire screen and we place another, smaller one, which is located above it), Split View (when we have two apps that, although they are shown at half their size, we see entire ones at the same time ).

It also comes with widgets: a small widget that serves as a launcher, while the medium and large ones allow us to quickly see some of the documents we have been working on recently.

Offer support for Apple Pencil, and it is possible to make quick drawings or sketches that we can add to our documents. Unfortunately, there is currently no support for taking notes by hand using the Apple Pencil.

Blocks, blocks, blocks

Although the comparisons are obnoxious, we have named Notion several times in this article. Craft also bets on a content block system, which we can add or modify very easily.

For example, we can create pages within the same page, and then select several blocks of text and images and drag them into that new page that we have created.

Craft Mac Backlinks

Create a structure that adapts to your needs

This means that Craft is so much more than a synced cloud text editor, and you will be able to give life to different types of projects and create a structure that adapts to your needs.

"We treat images, links, files and text with equal importance, so your content is contextually rich and looks beautiful."

Precisely, in the limit of blocks is the key for the different prices. The free version of Craft allows us to create 1,000 blocks, synchronization across devices and the ability to export content in .PDF.

Craft Pricing

That is enough to know if it is a tool worth paying for and moving to the "professional" plan. For $ 3.75 per month we will forget about the block limit, we will get the search within the documents, higher quality of multimedia upload and greater options when exporting.

macOS 11.0 Big Sur: these are all its news and so you can update

I think that Craft is a tool that is very worth trying if you are a user within the Apple ecosystem and you like to write or you need a platform to give free rein to different types of ideas or projects. Further, If this is the first version, I am very curious where it will go in future updates.

I have been using different tools for years (such as EverNote or Notion) and, although they have many positive aspects, their "slowness" has made my productivity or the desire to use them decrease.

The responsiveness of Craft, its support for gestures, the possibilities in terms of structure and how good it feels to write on it are points that make it stand out from the competition.