Data from 3.2 million Pluto TV accounts have been exposed in a hacker forum

Pluto TV has been hacked, the free live television platform over the Internet that landed in Spain last October, has suffered a significant data breach in which the data of 3.2 million of its users was stolen.

Those responsible would be the ShinyHunters group, the same ones that were behind the hack of Microsoft's private GitHub repository in the middle of the year. The group has released the database on a popular hacker forum and these contain usernames, emails, passwords, dates of birth, devices and IP addresses.

A gap dating from 2018

Pluto Tv Gap

Pluto TV has more than 33 million users worldwide, 26.5 million of them in the United States. The leaked database appears to be over two years old, with the last record made in October 2018.

The company is investigating the situation and at the moment they say they cannot verify the veracity of the data. At BleepingComputer they have accessed samples from the database and have been able to confirm that all email addresses in the sample are from real Pluto TV users, so they are inclined to believe that the breach is real.

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Since it is relatively old, it is not something that users in Spain have to worry about. However, as is usual in these circumstances, it is advised that those who have an account in the service, change their password.

In Spain, Pluto TV does not require the creation of a user account, so there is no data associated with an email, or other personally identifiable information that is stored on the platform.