CrossOver lets you run Windows 10 apps and games on new Macs with Apple Silicon

Apple's transition from Intel to Apple Silicon can be complicated in some ways, but from what you are seeing in the first reviews, it is almost nothing in the compatibility of applications written for Intel. Thanks to the translation layer provided by Rosetta 2, heavy applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Ableton and others are able to move very freely.

Once those doubts have been cleared, however, there are still others, such as how the performance of CrossOver would be, the application that takes advantage of Wine code to run Windows applications on macOS. And according to their own developers, performance today is acceptable. although with asterisks.

CrossOver already runs Windows applications well on macOS with a long way to go

From Codeweavers they say that They have not updated CrossOver 20, their current version, to Apple Silicon. And still, the MacBook Air they bought has been able to open the program in macOS Big Sur 11.1, which they say works much better with Rosetta 2. They claim they tested a lot of Windows applications. An example they give is Quicken:


But the thing is not there, because CrossOver it is also capable of running the desktop version of Among Us (which curiously can also be run on new Macs thanks to the fact that they allow running iOS applications and games).


CrossOver allows even more demanding games like Team Fortress 2 to run, and the most impressive of all is that this is a translation from x86 to Apple Silicon with another below, the one from Windows to macOS. In the developer's words: "Imagine: a 32-bit Windows Intel binary, running on a 32-64 bridge in Wine / CrossOver on macOS, on an ARM CPU that emulates x86, and it works!"

How to know which macOS Big Sur apps are already adapted to Apple Silicon to squeeze the power of the M1 chip


Really impressive considering that, at the moment, CrossOver isn't even native to Apple Silicon. When it is native, it is expected that the execution speed will be much higher. If you want to try CrossOver on a Mac with M1, you should know that you have to be in Big Sur 11.1 Beta, because according to the developers, with it Apple has patched something they need to work.