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Cracked of the founder of Telegram against Apple and its iPhone 12 "ugly" and "without innovations"

The founder of Telegram has bought the iPhone 12 and it seems that he did not like it very much.

Apple products always create controversy among lovers of technology and the latest smartphones launched by the Cupertino company to the market they were not going to be an exception.

Normally, fans of the Android system are the ones who raise their voices in a more notorious way, accusing the bitten apple of appropriate the innovations of others, to grant their terminals obsolete designs (as with the giant notch) or launching its terminals with characteristics much lower than that of much more affordable Android Smartphones.

A good example of the latter is the low 60Hz refresh rate They include the new iPhones or the great battery deterioration suffered if the phone is used to play games.

The fact is that all this is customary and is part of the game, because from the beginning other side Similar comments also arrive. What is not so common is that the criticism comes from a character of such renown as has happened on this occasion with the founder of Telegram, Pável Dúrov.

An "ugly" phone and "without innovations"

rajada founder telegram iphone 12

The love between the founder of Telegram and Apple seems somewhat distant.

Through a message on his Telegram channel, Pável Dúrov made it clear what little who likes new Apple phones, in his specific case, the iPhone 12 Pro. His publication reads the following:

“I just tested an iPhone 12 Pro, what Incredibly clunky piece of Hardware. It looks and feels like a larger version of the iPhone 5 from 2012, but with an ugly variant of cameras that jut out at three different heights. The noticeable notch and wide bezels are still there, creating in proportion a smaller ratio between the screen and the body of the device, and giving the device a general feeling of being out of date.

Nine months after Steve Jobs passed away, the company continues to live off the technology and reputation he built, without incorporating any significant innovation. Not surprisingly, iPhone sales fell 21% earlier this year. If this trend continues, in 7 or 10 years the market share of the iPhone will be negligible ".

Well it is true that this This is not the first time that Dúrov has slipped unkind words about the Apple universe. A few months ago he already left us the odd pearl due to the conditions imposed by the company on the developers of Apps for iPhone and iPad. We will continue to await the next chapters of this soap opera.