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Clues appear about an FE version of the Samsung Galaxy Note20

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 FE would be on the way: a cheaper version but with the same advantages as its older brother.

The reception of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE by the public seems to have been so positive, that Samsung would have planned repeat the formula and apply it to another of its large families of terminals.

At least that is what the latest clues discovered on the official website of Samsung in Brazil suggest, where there are indications that point to the arrival of an alleged Samsung Galaxy Note20 FE.

The Galaxy Note20 FE would be a shortened version of the Note20

Cameras of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

The back of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

Apparently, in various parts of the company's official website, it has been mentioned the name Samsung Galaxy Note20 FE.

Although it is speculated that such mentions may be due to errors in the wording, the possibility that Samsung has confirmed the existence of a "cheap" Note20 In advance.

At the end of the day, it would not be the first time that Samsung unveiled a mobile by accident through its website.

That Samsung had decided to create a more affordable model with shortened specifications of the Note20 series is striking, above all, because the "normal" Galaxy Note20 already meets such requirements.

In fact, the shorter model of the current Galaxy Note20 series already shares some traits with the S20 FE, such as its plastic construction or the mere fact of having a much lower price that of the Ultra variant.

In any case, we will remain attentive to any news related to this supposed new Samsung mobile, which if it is reality should see the light at some point in this final stretch of the year.