Capcom confirms personal and company data breach after ransomware attack

The Japanese developer and distributor of video games such as the Resident Evil and Street Fighter franchises, Capcom, has confirmed that the cyber attackers responsible for the ransomware attack suffered on November 2 have obtained personal and company data Contrary to what was thought.

As they explain, after the unauthorized incursion into their network, they have been able to verify that some personal and financial data maintained by the company has been compromised and others may have been. Among the latter we find personal and corporate information totaling 350,000 items.

Capcom has verified that 9 items have been compromised, while 350,000 may have potentially been extracted

Compromised and potentially compromised data

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Capcom, which offers its "sincere apologies for any complications and concerns this may pose for its potentially affected customers", has confirmed that the investigation is ongoing and that, for the time being, has concluded that Information for former employees, current employees, and sales information has been leaked. We talk about names, signatures and addresses, as well as financial information.

Regarding potentially compromised information, although its possession in the hands of the attackers cannot be guaranteed one hundred percent, it would be the personal data of Capcom's customers and business partners, customer service information, names, addresses, emails, dates of birth and photographs.

The ransomware attack has failed to extract banking information from the company or its customers, according to Capcom

Ransomware cyberattacks continue to increase and the most vulnerable computers are those using old versions of Windows

Of course, between these data no bank information would be found such as credit or debit cards of clients, according to the published data.

Capcom has recognized the possible access to corporate information, such as that which would affect future projects, and has announced that it is contacting all those people and / or companies that have been affected by this information theft.