Bitcoin marks an all-time high in capitalization, breaking the 2017 record despite the fact that its popularity is no longer what it was

We have been with the joy back in bitcoin for a few weeks. First it approached and exceeded $ 14,000, figures not seen since the beginning of 2018, and in recent hotas it has just broken the market capitalization record registered in December 2017.

At the time of writing this article, Bitcoin's capitalization stands at $ 335,300,000,000. It was almost three years ago, on December 16, 2017, when it reached the previous record of $ 328,898,790,192.

Bitcoin is breaking records for value, but not for interest

The figure has been surpassed with the price above $ 18,000, far from the record also registered then of more than $ 20,000. How could this happen? Simply because there are more bitcoins in circulation.

Trailing in capitalization, but not in popularity

This new milestone in the history of bitcoins has quietly arrived. And we say this because cryptocurrencies in general, and Bitcoin in particular, do not enjoy the popularity that they had back in 2017 when a combination of novelty and profit possibilities drove the interest of the general public.

Just look at the headlines that monopolize digital currencies in the generalist press to get an idea of ​​their limited current popularity. And if we want figures, just take a look at Google Trends.

Cryptocurrencies in general, and Bitcoin in particular, do not enjoy the popularity they had back in 2017

Someone has transferred more than a billion euros in Bitcoin and only paid a commission of 3.09 euros

Based on the figures offered by the Mountain View search engine, Despite the fact that in 2020 there have been peaks of interest, these have not had the dimension of that seen in December 2017. In fact, the peak interest in recent months has been half or less that experienced almost three years ago. Some of the popularity peaks this year also coincide with significant setbacks such as that of March.