Avoid silences in videos and audios with this free extension for Chrome

There are certain videos or audios (interviews, talks, courses or video tutorials) in which we are not interested in wasting time, especially when they are very long and there are too many downtimes or silences.

Skip Silence is a free extension for Google Chrome that allows us, automatically, to dodge the parts of audios and videos in which there are parts with silences.


Choose the speed and level at which the silence is activated

Its creators have just completely rewritten this extension (you can check it on their GitHub page) and ensure that it is compatible with most of the pages They use HTML video or audio tags.

An interesting point is that they allow us to adjust different parameters of this extension, such as the possibility of set the amount of silence time there must be for the extension to act.

In addition, a bar will show us the current volume at all times and, if the volume is less than a red marker, Skip Silence will be responsible for increasing the speed of the video and thus avoid it. The threshold is decided by us.

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Too it is possible to choose the speed (from 0.5x to 10x) at which the “normal” parts should be reproduced and at what speed those that are considered as silence should be reproduced.

Obviously here the key will be to choose in what type of content we want to activate this extension, and set the appropriate settings for each of them (in a humor sketch a certain setting can be a bit aggressive, but it could work in a too relaxed chat).