Apps as important as Google or Facebook will not be in the Mac App Store at the launch of Apple Silicon

In a very few hours the 'One More Thing' event will take place, in which it is expected that (among other things) they will present the first Macs with Apple Silicon, a key step within the company's strategy.

As we already know, one of the most important points of the new chips is that it will allow run iOS and iPadOS apps from macOS, although everything indicates that we will find great absences in the official launch.

Against this integration or temporary absence?

As we can read on 9to5Mac, some major developers have decided to remove their apps from the Mac App Store, anticipating the event that Apple will hold in a few hours.

Apple offers developers the ability to integrate their iOS or iPadOS apps through the Mac App Store, and companies as important as Google or Facebook have decided to reject this offer.

The transition to Apple Silicon will bring changes to all Macs ... and possibly even their name

Unless they change their mind (which doesn't seem likely, at least for now), that means We can forget to enjoy a native WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram app, Gmail or Google Drive on our Macs.

In the absent list we also find other important names, such as Disney +, Amazon Prime Video or Snapchat. Instead, companies like Netflix or HBO (the HBO Max app) have decided to be part of this program.

Paul Haddad, developer of Tweetbot (one of the most famous Twitter clients on iOS, iPadOS and macOS) has made it clear that he is not in favor of this integration:

In 9to5Mac they claim that they have also checked what's up with some major mobile games, and it has been found that neither Candy Crush, nor Among Us or Real Racing 3 will be available on the Mac App Store.

In these cases, we will find a message in the App Store which will indicate that we are facing an incompatible iOS or iPadOS app: "designed for the iPad, not verified for macOS".

Anyway, as we said, this situation can change and simply these developers they would have decided to withdraw them temporarily to verify that this integration is done correctly and that your apps work perfectly on macOS.

In a very few hours we will know more details of this launch. As always, our colleagues from Applesfera will be covering all the details, and can be followed live from Apple's official YouTube broadcast at the following times:

  • Peninsular Spain: 19:00

  • Canary Islands: 18:00

  • Mexico: 12:00

  • Argentina: 14:00

  • Chile: 14:00

  • Colombia / Ecuador / Peru: 12:00

  • Venezuela: 13:00