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Apple's HomePod mini could be sweeping sales

The success of the new HomePod mini might have taken even Apple by surprise.

Smart speakers have become in recent years one of the most interesting products that can be purchased today.

In addition to allowing us to listen to our favorite music thanks to services such as Spotify, Amazon Music or Apple Music, it also allow us to request any type of information such as checking the weather, news, our events on the calendar and much more.

On the market there are many quite interesting smart headphones such as the Google Home or the Amazon Echo, which we were able to analyze and were pleasantly surprised.

Apple, the almighty Cupertino company, also has its own smart speaker, the HomePod, however, and unlike other of its signature devices, its success has not been as expected.

Now this all seems to have changed with the arrival of the new HomePod mini.

The HomePod mini could be a hit

HomePod mini

The HomePod mini could be sweeping sales at Apple Stores around the world

Apple wanted to jump right into the competitive smart speaker market with its HomePod. Not a cheap device but that was excused in an outstanding quality of materials as well as an unrivaled sound quality.

Despite all this, the HomePod has not met the expectations of the company of the bitten apple and there is no doubt that 329 euros is not a price for all pockets.

However, the new HomePod mini, a more compact product and above all much cheaper than the normal model could be taking the Apple online store by storm.

As reported by digital media Apple Insider, Apple could have been overwhelmed by so much reserve of this speaker, even having to delay the delivery dates in many of the Apple Stores around the world.

Available in two colors (white and space gray), the new HomePod mini can be purchased at a price of 99 euros which puts it on a par with other speakers such as Google and Amazon.

Will the HomePod mini be the trigger that will make smart speakers even more popular? Well, everything seems to indicate that.